No Umbrella, No Problem

I realized something trudging into work at 111 Broadway in the nor’easter which has hit NYC today, people look perplexed when I don’t hold an umbrella in rainstorms.

As I got on the Q44 leaving the Queens College fitness center someone asked me , “no umbrella?”. Keep in mind that my navy blue parka was DRENCHED as was my hair. After getting off the bus at Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, someone stood alongside with an umbrella for a few steps until we parted ways.

Then it hit me, whether battling downpours in Tampa on the way back to the Greyhound bus after a weekend at Yankees spring training or rollerblading / walking under NYC buildings I have never really held an umbrella during rain.

The answer? Because it was natural to just walk or roll on my crutches to get where I’m going rather than taking small steps using the crutches and holding an umbrella.

What also hit me is that I always have warmth and a good place to look forward to even during some ugly storms.  Whether it be the comforts of a loving home to warm up an dry up; a radio station that continues to give me the chance to hone my craft day in and day out; a fitness center/ athletics department that has been a home since 2010; and of course an amazing girlfriend and her family and friends in Connecticut, I have been blessed to have people to see after long rainy journeys.

I guess I’m writing this for two reasons. In this festive Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa season it’s just another reminder to be thankful for being taught to adjust to all circumstances so that I am never slowed down. It’s also true I’m even more thankful that the destinations mentioned above have always welcomed me with open arms.The second reason is that Mother Nature happens but no matter what I still strive through and get to where I’m going because those destinations inspire me to keep going day in and day out.

No umbrella? No problem 🙂

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