The ADA and Politics on the 26th Anniversary

Oh, you thought I would just focus on the Clintons and the way they’ve pandered to the disabled community at the DNC? Well you are in for quite an adventure on the 26th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities, as this is no-holds-barred raw emotions on your screen.

It’s been a crazy political year, hasn’t it? It’s been a year that yes the disabled community has been roped into thanks to Donald Trump’s IDIOTIC mocking of New York Times journalist Serge Kovaleski. Dr. Henry Viscardi, who started the Henry Viscardi School, would not approve of it by ANY  stretch. I don’t even believe Trump’s response was strong enough or convincing enough to believe that he was genuinely sorry for mocking the reporter’s muscular disorder.

Yet somehow, somehow the pandering that I’ve seen with the Clintons at the DNC has been ignored. What do I mean? Sure Monday night’s appearance by  Anastasia Somoza was cool, but it showed what Hillary did for her, not how she became an advocate for people with disabilities.  Tuesday’s monologue at the convention’s gavel on the anniversary of the ADA is something Dr. Viscardi wouldn’t approve of either. Marsha Fudge just went on and on and on about how Hillary would help the disabled community, and I’m just thinking Hillary couldn’t help herself out of a paper bag, unless she lied.

The pandering was sickening, because it, I feel, insulted the intelligence of the disabled community, as if we didn’t know that Hillary lied about classified information, about the DNC rigging it for a Clinton, no WE MAY BE DIFFERENTLY ABLED, BUT WE ARE SMARTER THAN THAT, MADAME SECRETARY! In fact, I’ve seen a lot of my friends in the disabled community who hoped Bernie would top Hillary.

Yet, as I saw it unfold it brought back to mind the image of Bill Clinton coming around the Pew at St. Patrick’s Cathedral after Cardinal O’Connor’s funeral to take the picture with me and 16 years later having seen the news over the weekend of the DNC colluded to give Hillary the nomination unfairly, it got me wondering, was that picture AS genuine as Brandon Stanton’s HONY picture.

The answer is that the innocent soul that still lingers inside would love to believe President Clinton did that because of the moment, and not because of the photo op.

We are all going to vote for who we vote for, but I guess I’m writing this to advise the candidates that inclusion doesn’t mean showing us off and it definitely does not mean it is acceptable to mock one of our own, but tell us how you can get more disabled people in the workforce,. Talk to us, don’t talk down to us and THEN we will have a better idea of who to vote for come November.




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