Safety First, Politics Later

While confirmations may be slower than when former President Obama was sworn in back in 2009, the reversal of 8 years in just one week by President Trump has outweighed the cabinet confirmation process. Is the pace scary? Actually yeah, it is. Are the reversals at this rapid pace needed? Actually yeah, they are.

In the last two and half years alone, we’ve seen terrorists posing as refugees in Germany (Merkel Admits Germany Faces Islamic Terror) and in France (Paris Bomber had Syria Refugee Passport) and heck even on our own university campus, Ohio State University (Mainstream media admits OSU attacker was a refugee). Clear warning signs alone that we needed to strengthen our borders and yes, put that now-official pause on the refugee program.

When Donald Trump signed the executive order officially pausing the refugee program, he gleefully exclaimed “good stuff”.  You wake up this morning you see it already going into effect even in our city’s own JFK Airport with two Iraqi refugees, one with a visa being detained. Yet, I have to believe there was a reason why they were, because if it literally means detaining every refugee no questions asked, that’s a serious concern. Especially when as President Trump signed the order he uttered the words “foreign terrorists”, which to me seems like a pretty narrow scope of who this administration will try and catch to protect our country. 

Yet there is another side I’m examining. How newsworthy it’s becoming that these two refugees with be suing the United States Government. Where was the news of lawsuits brought on by at least 10 states when President Obama imposed an edict allowing transgendered community to use any bathroom they want? Where was the coverage of common sense states that felt anyone would take advantage of this edict fighting back with lawsuits of their own? I covered it on my podcast, but it seemed I got very few notifications of that on my phone, whereas this morning notifications about the refugees suing are OFF THE HOOK!

You see in his mind, President Obama declared the edict to keep the trans community safe and included. In the 45th President’s mind, Donald Trump’s executive actions on border safety have the exact same principle in mind, SAFETY! 

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