Now Is The Time to Encourage SEEKING HELP

Over the last week a murder-suicide shooting in a San Bernardino elementary school, Steve Stevens claims he shot 13 and then shoots senior citizen and father of 9, Mr. Godwin in a viral video then shoots himself in Erie, PA. Today, Aaron Hernandez apparently hangs himself in his prison cell, while serving time for his role in a gruesome murder in 2013.

No matter what Washington may be doing to work on the mental health issues, there is still a stigma I think that prevents even the media from saying two very big words SEEK HELP! Because no one wants to admit they need help, nor are they encouraged to admit because of a mental illness stigma.

On the flip side, the minute a shooting happens, media and politicians do not discuss mental health, they primarily discuss gun control. Really? That’s what the debate should be about? It shouldn’t be about the two big words SEEK HELP?

See as the debate rages on about gun control, nothing is under control. While Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen and even you or I can go on for hours about the pro’s and cons to owning a gun, in the real world there are a lot of screwed up people that aren’t being approached as signs continue to show they have major issues and should SEEK HELP!

Help from family, help from friends and I mean help from God are all steps, but it is time that the media instead of always asking for help finding a suspect say hey, this doesn’t have to happen! You can SEEK HELP!

Ratings and votes are costing lives by ignoring the real mental health crisis in our country, think about that!

While the suicides of the last two days are stunning, let’s look back at how it all happened even before the murders and wonder how different they would have been if someone, anyone helped them SEEK HELP!

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