An Ode to Mom 2018

You know, I’ve never written a column about mom. Yet, she’s written dozens on my life and our life the last 27 years. How fair is it to her , that Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway, doesn’t even get a mention in my blog? It’s not! 

So, journalistically here’s to leveling the adoration for my mother on WordPress! 

Of course, the shout-outs on Facebook the greeting cards year after year doesn’t even begin to acknowledge and appreciate the hard hard work it’s taken for my mom over the last 27 years! 

For instance, imagine your child rushed into surgery hours old, and then isolated from the world while God’s healers, great doctors work to save the life. 

Imagine not getting to hold your child until 32 days into the hospital care, while trying to dissect to perfection (and i mean perfection) every possible stitch and surgery on your son or daughter’s body. 

It’s the early days of perseverance and care that should truly inspire me to not give her any reasons to worry about my livelihood, to let her know that yes Mom your hard work , your effort, your love and care have inspired me at the ripe old medically-worn age of 26 to take care of myself.

Yet, the beauty of my mother is even if I still tend to fail in that regard, she doesn’t abandon but she keeps encouraging me to get it right the next time! I don’t want to have that burden on her anymore moving forward past Mother’s Day 2018!

She has always kept me balanced! Between the bright lights of meeting the President to HONY, she made it a point to make me aware that to do all these things health and self – care come first. She showed me this through her dedicated actions of hospital visit after hospital visit.

She has also in recent days alerted me to ask for what I want in life, lighting that go-getting spirit back into my veins! 

The beauty of my mother is that she can juggle two households including caretaking for my 100 year old grandmother and get up in the morning with that will and perseverance for smooth operations in all facets of her life! 

She doesn’t get told enough how proud of her my family and I are of the work she puts in to all our lives daily. 

Instead she’s told about a knee scrape after a fall on the rollerblade (which stung like Hell by the way). 

How fair is it to tell her a problem and not back it up with Appreciation? It’s not!

My promise to you Mom is to always tell you when something is up, BUT follow it up with a big thank you for taking on the challenge in front of us head on each time!

My promise is to keep you less concerned about my well-being and more hopeful that yes, your lessons are coming through to me loud and clear each day! 

I love you mom and this year moving forward, I can’t wait to be more of a listener to you and lesser point of worry in this journey we are making through life!

Happy Mother’s Day 2018!BB4F0295-B32E-4D79-9536-B9A7868E1602.jpeg

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