A Small-Town Upbringing…Under the Big Lights of NYC?

So, Day 2 of the Nassau County Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged Was a Success! 

The kids had a blast on the track, in the field and at the big dance hosted by Sue Maxwell and her son, David! Amazing video by William by the way! 

Today, when I clicked on Pandora “Where I Come From“ by Montgomery Gentry came on and it’s about a small-town life. 

Well, in the disabled community there is that knowing of struggle much like the small town Americans struggle (medical care, paying every bill under the sun just to keep us healthy, parents trying to work and balance their care for their special needs child).

Then I thought deeper, these Games are filled with kids that want to succeed, parents that want them to succeed and overcome all the differently-abled aspects they are challenged with daily.

Some of these kids are city kids! So compare that struggle, that yearning for normality and success with city parents that simply put their kids through day care, or babysitters while they work their 9-5 and live on affluent upper East Side seemingly not as involved in their child’s life as they should be! 

It’s those parents, that spoil their kids in this city, that simply hand them off to someone else instead of slowing down and knowing their kids more that i invite out to see these Games for the Physically Challenged for a slice of small-town life away from the silver spoon of life!

Far too often, you might encounter kids that are having an off day, or are just asking for more because they are used to getting more.

Parents of disabled children show this grateful streak of having their child just able to stay alive and compete , and they also have taught us to EARN IT! EVERY SINGLE DAY!

My friend and a frequent guest on Kevin McCullough Radio , Karol Markowicz wrote this great piece in the NY Post about getting your kid outside this summer ! (https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/05/28/dont-rob-your-kids-of-outdoors-free-play-they-need-it/amp/)

Perhaps hearing the story that these kids who sometimes have NOTHING cross that finish line with a big smile on their face, will help those in the big city realize when you have a child, able-bodied or not, that’s what you want to see at the end of the day!

It starts with getting the kids outside for sure! 

So I am writing this to say that yes, people can STILL bring their child up with a small-town mentality in a big city, and that would be better for all. The big city mentality isn’t exactly a desirable one, because it’s not as loving or as caring as the small-town, grateful mentality that is always displayed by the athletes, parents, and volunteers at the Nassau County Victory Challenge !

Come join us next year at Mitchel Field, will you? 

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