When Life Is In Real ‘Jeopardy’!

Jeopardy; jeopardy is a word that has been popularized by the amazing duo of Merv Griffin and well, Alex Trebek! Who doesn’t love Alex Trebek, right? The answer, Alex, is, RIGHT!

For someone who has reacted in the best ways possible to people who put their knowledge in financial jeopardy, even through the Daily Double, it’s no surprise then, the outpouring of support for MR. Trebek’s real life Jeopardy.

When our lives are in Jeopardy, that’s when our grit, our toughness, our faith, and our resiliency shows up! As John Belushi, “when the tough , THE TOUGH GET GOIN!” That is why, I really believe that Alex Trebek will fight this stage four pancreatic cancer into remission.

The country united around the devastating news that Alex revealed on his legendary Jeopardy set, because that’s what happens when one of our own is in real Jeopardy.

If only in this life, could we all react to each other daily as if each other’s lives are in Jeopardy, then we will be unified . Why? Because then we would be kinder to each other if we recognized the fragility of life!

For goodness sake, Mets HOF pitcher Tom Seaver has just been diagnosed with dementia. Fragile, LIFE is fragile!

Let’s cut out the Anti-Semitism, let’s cut out the racism that does exist, let’s even cut out talking over each other, start listening and stop putting everything in our lives, in Jeopardy! Alex Trebek will fight for life, maybe he can inspire us to LOVE the life we are all given .


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