States’ Rights Should Be Cherished, So Why Aren’t They?

So why aren’t they? That is my question . I was not happy with President Trump believing he has ‘total control’ over the states. Which is why I’m glad he backed off his statement yesterday, and gave signs he would work with Governors to re-open America. Doesn’t that phrase, ‘Re-Open America’ send chills down your spine? I heard that uttered by VP Mike Pence and I got the feels of American Spirit again!

To even discussing re-opening America slowly is a small victory. Anyone who floats this idea is actually doing the right thing to give hope rather than despair. Do the people just wanting to be pessimistic of opening by May not want their fellow Americans to have hope? Do they want America to lose it’s spirit?

The American spirit was built on just 13 colonies. These colonies rebelled against King George III’s rule and formed the United States of America. The King right now isn’t President Trump. While COVID is certainly not King-like, what these 7 states are planning is a rebellion against CoronaVirus!

I admire the precision with which Governor Andrew Cuomo has been looking at the day-to-day stats when discussing re-opening. The idea should be to open up slowly and when the time is right. Only states can really decide this for themselves. So, SHOUT-OUT TO STATES’ RIGHTS!

As I have been thinking on this, another thing crossed my mind. The same people actually advocating states’ rights, during CoronaVirus don’t exactly cherish the idea of states’ rights. By pushing universal healthcare, Medicare-For-All, and other progressive policy, it shows on a normal day just how invasive these Governors truly think the USA should be.

For Dem Governors to praise Mandates for ObamaCare was not an honor to the Constitution. It gave up their rights to provide healthcare best fit for their residents. So why now do they care of states’ rights? Kind of interesting right ?

Some of these Dem governors trying to open their states up together, have also praised large amounts of regulations. Upping regulations isn’t American. We are supposed to help each other every day, and de-regulation proves to be a big help to Americans that just happen to have a corporation. You let the Federal Government dictate what your state’s regulation should be, you’ll have lost the American spirit.

You let the Federal Government dictate when to open, you’ll have lost the American Spirit. We weren’t built to be controlled, taxed more than needed, and certainly not built to be shut-down.

At the same time, this is the time to realize that YOUR own higher taxes have caused people to leave our state. It’s caused business to leave in rebellion against your tax policies! It also costs human economy because when someone loses their job, they are not exactly feeling on solid ground. These governors can certainly learn at this time to help keep their people afloat by not taxing through the roof!

To the President, I ask, please let the states choose when they should open. To Governor Andrew Cuomo, I ask that you fight hard against those who suggest to you raising taxes. I also ask that you fight against the progressives that want federal invasion of your state residents through higher taxes and one-size-fits all healthcare policies.

None of us are a one size fits all state, so let’s cherish each state’s rights!

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My Thoughts on States’ Rights

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