STOP COVID-19 CHALLENGE — This Man’s Journey

In four straight days, U.S. hits above 1,000 new deaths per day from COVID-19. In 30 days, that’s 30,000 deaths. By December, about 120,000 more on top of today’s 146,420 total number of COVID-19 related deaths. California, Texas and Florida named by White House health expert Dr. Birx as essentially the 3 New York’s of […]

STOP COVID-19 CHALLENGE — This Man’s Journey

One response to “STOP COVID-19 CHALLENGE — This Man’s Journey”

  1. Thanks for sharing the challenge . Everyday’s news cries for us all to unite and face a common threat, COVID-19. CDC and science has given us the tools to stop the pandemic but these tools only work when we all take responsibility to do them. Winning involves everyone. If we enjoyed challenges that brings fun or healthier living, stopping COVID-19 is the ultimate challenge of them all. It’s real survival in real time in real world. No edits. Stay safe my friend. I appreciate the visit and feedback . 🙏

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