God’s Green Lights Surround Us

So so soooo many factors have gone into this piece !

For starters, in trying to show a positive, a sign of re-birth in New York City, green lights truly stood out in front of the Chrysler Building! The only rationale I can think of for this occurrence is God! Yes, God!

When I looked back at the photo , all I thought was, wow, I think God is showing us the way to move back to normal life in America little by little . I’ve come up with the idea also that He’s giving us His green light in daily life.

During this quarantine, I believe I’ve been in tune with Him more than ever before, and acted on responsibilities quicker than I used to. He is helping me along the way. For instance, my family and I just started getting in touch with Zappos.com, the shoe company. After ordering a pair of single-shoes from Zappos Adaptive which didn’t fit, I took the task of returning the shoes to be shipped back. God backed that choice as a bus rolled in to snatch me up and bring me to the Post Office on Union Turnpike. When the company gave us a different size shoe, it was perfection and now we own two Zappos-Adaptive single-shoes! A God sign for sure!

It’s not only with shoes have I felt it before. Rollerblading on one leg doesn’t always mean grabbing just one skate from a Modell’s or footwear store. Most of the time, we buy a set. Yet, on the rare occasion we walk out of a sporting good store with one roller-blade, my family and I always believe God sent us that specific skate for a reason. The most recent occurrence of this was December 2019 in Brooklyn. One skate just sittin’ by itself. After tirelessly searching for the other skate to no avail, the Modell’s Manager said we can get the one skate for less! IT was quite a moment around Christmastime and a Green Light from God!

Speaking of rollerblading, the moment when I decided to roll by a house just last weekend inspired me to write this article. Wanting to see if there was ANY progress to a downed tree that slashed through a home right next to NYC Health and Hospital Queens, I bolted up the hill and wouldn’t you know it the HOMEOWNER was standing outside assessing the damage with a city official. That gave me a moment to say God Bless You to encourage they can get through it.

As if that didn’t shake me enough, a BUS literally pulled up seconds later to take me across the Grand Central Parkway so I can go home safely. MAJOR GOD SIGN!

I’m sure we have also experienced Red Lights that God can put up if an action you took wasn’t His plan for you. Let me take you back to October 2017, the first feelings of consequence and recognition I did not listen to God. On an adrenaline rush of excitement when the Yankees beat the Twins in the 2017 Wild Card game at Yankee Stadium, I just felt I couldn’t go home JUST YET. Believe it or not, however, I spent a good few minutes debating whether subway home just to play it safe. Of course, the young buck I am, I decided to go party at Billy’s across the street.

God definitely did not see that as His plan for me, and it showed. Not only did I lose my Yankees jacket with everything in it. I also got blasted on Barstool Sports. Fun times, indeed! After that, slowly but surely , I started to listen to His signs and His plans for me!

Have you ever had a moment where God gave you a sign you were meant to go for it? That I consider His green light. I can’t say for sure how to seek out His green light, only that if you feel so passionate about something, God will definitely show you if that was or wasn’t His plan for you.


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