No, Not That Way!

We seem to be living a society that says you can do this, but how dare you do that!

These examples pop up daily . The most recent is the celebrity privilege on full display at Barclays in Brooklyn ! While you and I could get fined 10k for not observing quarantine thanks to Mayor de Blasio, celebrities get to waltz in as if this city is open again. Can’t make it up!(

We talk about how bad white privilege is in society , yet someone needs to say other privileges exist, like celebrity privilege ! As far ‘no, not that way ideals go, groups can gather unquarantined , yet there is still multiple pauses on business here in NYC! In essence, you can gather but not in the way it will benefit business owners , customers and the economy!

This same idea applies to indoor dining! How is it that barbers , now gyms (except for New York City Venezuela ) can open yet restaurant owners are on the brink as the days of being locked down continue to drag on! We the citizens, we the people must be given all the keys to our city back!!

As far as social justice ‘no not that way’ perfectly describes reactions to kneeling of players before the game. Personally, I don’t believe in kneeling during the National Anthem. However, when people go on and on about how bad the riots are , one would think peaceful forms LIKE knelling to make a point would be acceptable. That just never seems to be the case. For instance, when the Yankees knelt (before the Anthem) , some fans disowned the team , which was head-scratching at the least !

Where I wish things were different deals with signage and apparel. We’ve seen these fancy masks and some yes are rightfully so pro-Trump and pro- Cop masks . However, in a video this week a woman shared that at Sam’s Club it appears she was asked to take her pro-Blue Lives Matter mask because it ‘offended’ other shoppers. I would love to hear stories from you to prove this is actually happening.

I honestly believe it could be! We’ve seen now Goodyear this week spin its wheels after an employee posted how the tire company would disallow Blue Lives Matter and MAGA hats, but allow employees to wear BLM apparel. Since the story broke, Goodyear has in fact responded. ( ). The fact Goodyear got into this mess is a metaphor, I believe, on how companies think in today’s world.

Can we also talk about parking lot Church gatherings being interrupted by law enforcement? There is no excuse for it now that the DNC made a parking lot party for Joe Biden after accepting his nomination ! So, let’s allow churches to congregate again fully, since DNC really didn’t care about safety the whole time !

One sector of society is telling the Democrats , Republicans and everyone in between what to do, actually having their cake (shaming those who don’t wear masks) and eating it too (shaming those who wear Trump masks) ! Because they want you to be THEIR WAY and constantly remind us , ‘No, Not That (OTHER) Way’!


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