Adaptation Starts With Mom!

So where does the adapting start? That’s the main theme today. It starts with mom. It starts with the person who birthed you, I think anyway, She’s there to help you adapt from the very beginning into this world.

If you want to adapt with force, I think the first person you look to is your mother because she adapted with force way with her protective instincts kicking in right away. As soon as you were born. And by the way, that adaptive, that protective expands past the human species. It is every species, whether it’s a female dog trying to nurse her puppies or ducklings following their mom across the street, into the water. It’s the, it’s the motherly nurturing that gets us from one destination to another.

Personally, when I was a baby up until three years old, I had a feeding tube and other things connected to my body. My mom, Laurie Sue Brockway, didn’t let that bother her. She took me to see my grandmother and other places with all these machines.She showed me from an early age that nothing would stop us!

She adapted in my book better than anybody else that I know of. And she continues to adapt to me getting older also by the way. She continues to be that force in my life as I go from one period to the next one chapter to the next. And I’m very grateful for that.

And I know it’s not easy to adapt to Mother’s Day for some who might have lost their mom during this pandemic or for whatever reason, you don’t have mom there. They are still guiding us. There are still a force in our life because of the impact they made in our lives. So the motherly protective forces are highlighted today. I always say on these days, respect mom. Respect dad every day, appreciate them every day. Especially now, because everything is tenuous. Things are different. Things are uncertain.

The best adaptation we can make right now is to love and appreciate those around us because we’ve seen how fragile in a year the world can be. Individually, we all have to adapt, but they help you adapt with force. We want to survive so much. We have no choice, but to adapt, we want to live so badly.

Our mothers’ first instinct is to help us adapt to survive in this world!

Happy mother’s day to all the Mothers of even pets out there. That strong female instinct, that protective instinct, Mother Earth protecting the world. It all helps. They all help us adapt in this crazy world we live in right now.

Listen to my podcast on Mother’s Day about how Mom is the first person to help us ADAPT!

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