A Hometown Heroes’ Welcome in NYC

This week, New York City opened up the Canyon of Heroes to the Hometown Heroes on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, I never thought on July 7th, 2020 we’d be hearing pipes and drums down Broadway just a year after the pandemic’s height. Yet, inspired by Councilman Eric Ulrich and put together by New York City and Mayor Bill de Blasio, the promise was met to honor our heroes.

The beauty of this parade was that it gave us a feeling that New York City is BACK! It gave us a feeling that we are in for a Mayoral election of two candidates who do care for this city and want to defeat the rising crime. It gave essential workers of all stripes, from healthcare to education to trucking that sense of appreciation I believe they have long-deserved since March 2020.

On multiple airwaves, I noted the rush and excitement these workers had just getting on to the parade route was contagious and it fed into the general energy of all who lined the streets to thank our heroes. Certainly some felt it missed the point of truly honoring these heroes, which would be to give them hazard pay. Yet, I felt the appreciation that these groups had along the route for being honored.

I mentioned Mayoral election. Personally, eight years ago NYC GOP Candidate Curtis Sliwa brought me on as an intern for his radio show which was on AM 970 the Answer at the time. After being hired as the co-ordinating producer and board op with Curtis and the Gov (David Paterson) , the Mayoral election was the main focus as Mayor de Blasio would cruise to victory in 2013. Eight years later, the man that hired me, is now on the campaign trail and took time on the trail to tell the story of the way we became radio colleagues. Pretty amazing how full circle it starts to feel!

Speaking of radio, I met up with friend and colleague Zach Miller of New York Truck Stop Radio, who was given the opportunity to be on a parade float up the Canyon of Heroes! He was there courtesy of the Trucking Association of New York ! After a two minute interview, I caught up again with Zach on the parade route while he rolled by on the float’s way to City Hall! What I didn’t know would happen next is what I’d like to share with you!

He and Arthur Miller, the hosts of ‘New York Truck Stop Radio’ welcomed me on their radio show as a guest! It was a great 25 minute conversation recapping all the parade’s sights and sounds (and gripes?). Click here for the full conversation as heard on AM 570/102.3 FM The Mission WMCA and AM 970 the Answer! https://omny.fm/shows/new-york-truck-stop-radio/truck-stop-radio-7-10-21

Along the Canyon of Heroes During Hometown Heroes NYC Parade (7/7/21 AlexGNYC1)
Zach Miller of New York Truck Stop Radio on the National Grid Float with Trucking Association of New York (7/7/21 AlexGNYC1 )
Team Curtis Sliwa 2021 Mayoral Campaign at HomeTown Heroes Parade (7/7/21 AlexGNYC1)
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