Will Science Allow Re-Adapting To Two Legs?

Today, some promising news in science. A leg has been re-generated on African-clawed frogs. This could very well bring hope to amputees. As the Daily Mail reports , the legs have been re-generated by a five-drug cocktail created by a team scientists at Tufts University and Harvard University’s Wyss Institute in Boston.

According to the studies, it took 18 months to re-generate the leg after the stumps had been sealed by a ‘BioDome’ solution on the stump. Observations went on to note that ‘The regrown limb moved and responded to stimuli such as a touch, and the frogs were able to make use of it for swimming through water, moving much like a normal frog would. ‘

After further studies, MBI Biological Laboratory concluded ‘humans have an ‘untapped’ ability to regenerate. ‘ They compare our abilities to re-grow to that of the salamander! Can you imagine if as the testing with this cocktail evolves into success with other mammals, the possibilities for humans? Amputees that feel that phantom leg day in and day out and overcome that?

Could RE-ADAPTING be in order? I understand there is an amputee strong feeling, but I feel that many would not mind having to re-adjust to having their two legs under them. Personally, I am proud of of the body God has given me with just the one leg. However, this blog and my podcast won’t stop advocating for science to re-generate limbs the safest way they can.

It could change human life for the better if done the right way!


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