Is It Back the Blue or Vaxx the Blue? By Alex Garrett

One of the major adaptations that has hit NYC entities such as the NYPD is the mandate to vaccinate. The optics of this at first looked wrong, but what about this past Sunday ‘s announcement ?

On Friday morning, this city was united in mourning the awful loss of 22 year old Jason Rivera . The processional , the funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the eulogy by Rivera’s YOUNG widow, Dominique Rivera made you feel like perhaps this city would once again rally around the good cops that protect our city. Even a social media personality and actress was FIRED for criticizing the city for having the massive funeral .

Just two days after this emotional farewell and as the city prepares to remember Rivera’s colleague , 27 year old Wilbert Mora , it truly feels New York City has gone from backing the Blue to VAXXING the Blue. We all saw the firing of the unvaccinated coming, but in such an emotional time, this deadline of February 11th comes up? Bad optics, City Hall!

Not once during the remembrance of Jason Rivera did his vaccination status come up. For once we dealt with a cop’s heroism during this trying pandemic and not whether a member of the force is vaccinated.

I am triple vaccinated and truly encourage people of all stripes become vaccinated against the virus. However, when it comes to city workers, I was hoping that the city would adopt COVID-19 weekly testing/masking or vaccine policy, even if the federal mandate was blocked by SCOTUS. I was hoping city agencies would agree to at least that, not go so far as to fire hard working men and women that are not willing to vaccinate but still want to better this city while in uniform! My suggestion is to extend the deadline if anything of this mandatory firing.

So, do we BACK the Blue or continue demanding to VAXX the Blue , NYC?

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