For Public Transport, Masking Up Was A Priority Over Accessibility This Whole Time

The sign above was pretty consistent all pandemic long

Listen world, Listen MTA and other public transportation services , THE PANDEMIC DOES NOT STOP THE DISABLED COMMUNITY! It’s almost like the MTA felt OK with using the pandemic to fix or put every elevator possible out of service for work. Furthermore, every other word blaring out of loud speakers was that it was THE LAW to MASK UP!

Those announcements still happen, by the way. As the elevators continue to have breakdowns or repairs hindering accessible transportation for those with disabilities. I’m sorry, MTA, but doesn’t THE LAW also mean having totally accessible establishments like, I don’t know, every subway station possible? Or do you think that law of accessibility shouldn’t be applied as forcefully as masking up because society thought the disabled just stayed in this whole time.

I’ll write it again, THE PANDEMIC DOES NOT STOP THE DISABLED COMMUNITY. We go out, we live our lives and we want the access as badly as you want every person possible to mask up! It’s just an internal feeling I have that by not providing fully accessible transportation , that is law breaking while you try and shame every New Yorker as a law-breaker if they don’t have a mask on.

I’m not saying the mandate didn’t work, it did for a while. Now, majority are vaccinated and many are tired of hearing the announcements every few minutes. I know that people in power wheelchairs or with other disabilities are tired of hearing it as they struggle from Point A to Point B because of YOUR everlasting projects that drag on and actually don’t think about the NOW for the disabled community.

Adapt faster , MTA, adapt FASTER!


1 thought on “For Public Transport, Masking Up Was A Priority Over Accessibility This Whole Time

  1. Valerie McCartney February 22, 2022 — 2:34 am

    Wonderfully stated Alex! Thank you for sharing. What can we do to help?! Let’s get loud!

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