Where Should New Yorkers Focus As Ukraine Gets Invaded?

It’s a peculiar question, isn’t it? We SHOULD focus on whether or not this country comes to the aid of Ukraine as Russia’s invasion becomes full strength. We SHOULD hold the Biden Administration’s feet to the fire on this as the global leader . However, it doesn’t feel that simple.

The fact is New York City was just rebuilding after 9/11/01 and we were on a good track in 2003 as the Iraq War was unfolding. We could focus all our energy on whether or not there were WMDs to go after nearly 20 years ago. We could focus on the people yelling Bush Lied , People Died. That’s how safe we actually felt in NYC.

20 years later, as the international stage is being upstaged. So too, sadly is our city. That is the big difference my rollerblading eyes and ears see and hear. I see the homeless continually make their home on commuter trains. I see and hear the mentally unstable yell at people and continually beg for money. Yet, I’m now supposed to forget all that and worry about Ukraine? Yet, New Yorkers are supposed to just drop everything and focus on this unfolding crisis in Ukraine as another subway rider could be pushed onto the tracks? I don’t think so.

It’s tough to feel sympathy when we all have to focus on the sidewalk ahead of us or the train car we are in because of that unsettling unsafe feeling. Yes, I want our nation to take on Putin big time, but I also won’t take my eye off the fact that the MTA is FINALLY trying something to prevent criminals from pushing straphangers onto the tracks. (https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/newyork/news/mta-to-begin-pilot-program-featuring-platform-doors-at-3-new-york-city-subway-stations/)

We must also not let Ukraine take our eyes off the effects of the gun crackdown Mayor Adams proposes https://www1.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/045-22/mayor-adams-releases-blueprint-end-gun-violence-new-york-city#/0). We can’t take our eye off his new SafeSubway plan either (https://www1.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/087-22/mayor-adams-releases-subway-safety-plan-says-safe-subway-prerequisite-new-york-city-s#/0). The crime sprees/carjackings are up as well under the direction of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg . Here is just an example (https://nypost.com/2022/02/22/nyc-boy-recalls-scary-20-minute-ride-with-carjacker/). We must even monitor interactions between police and citizens to be honest. Everything , everywhere is INTENSE and the last thing we need to be is apathetic to the wrongdoings on our home front known as New York City. Because the apathy towards Russia has resulted in invasion of Ukraine, and let’s not let crime further invade The Greatest City in the World!

We must pray to God right now for the world and our City!

(For live coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine you can always catch it on the go with Sling TV where you have CNN, CBS News Network, ABC News, Fox News 24/7 at the palm of your hand all in one app for just $35/ mo.!)

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