Ukraine Holds Strong

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For the most part, as of this writing, Kiev continues to be in Ukrainian control! It’s a miracle from over the weekend that they’ve maintained that city for that long. Leading Ukraine, a smart former comedian who knows this is no laughing matter . In fact, President Volodymyr Zelensky remains and continues to be on the front lines, that is special to see!

I am getting tired of predictions that Kiev falls to Russia, I don’t think so. If they have withstood so much and suffered loss BUT not their city, there is something to say for that! I don’t mean to minimize the loss of life at all, but the stellar resolve of Ukrainians in their own land and across the globe is remarkable!

Did you know the ‘Go F*** Yourselves’ Ukrainian troop is ALIVE!? Did you know there are ways to get involved? Follow Ukrainian New York and even keep an eye on PayPal campaigns as well! (Can you help Emergency Evacuation from Ukraine on the Generosity Network? Every little bit helps!

American leadership and the international community may not bomb the crap out of Russia, but sanctioning and cutting them off from Swift seems to be working. The ruble, the Russian currency lost 30% of its value against the dollar. A riddled economy could force Russia’s hand, or at least we pray and hope so! The other storyline is that American soldiers ARE taking this into their own hands alongside select British Special Forces to aid the Ukrainian military ! (

There is LOVE pouring from these worldwide protests, and most importantly there is HOPE in this Ukrainian crisis , which no one expected!


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