Cowardly Corporations Flee Russia

Groupthink just is a toxic way to go about policies and business decisions. When Vladimir Putin kills dissidents in his own country , big corporations like McDonalds and Starbucks are happy to collect blood money in that partnership. Now, that the whole world is against Russia after the Ukraine invasion and killings, corporations have left the side of the suffering Russian citizens.

The Cowardly Lion would be proud! My thought to corporations around this time is, you look weak not strong by leaving Moscow. This is a time for corporations to stand up to Putin on behalf of not only Ukrainians, but Russian citizens who don’t want this war at all!! Sanctions are knee-capping Russia and that is leaving the Russian dissidents protesting at even more unbearable circumstances. While for corporations it may be a difficult task but the best way to stand up to Putin isn’t to run from the citizenry that need the fuel to oust the dictator!

In America, the ‘stronger apart’ narrative was just awful. We weren’t stronger while in quarantine , a lot of suffering occurred within households . Let’s not follow that same path of leaving citizens to fend for themselves against the tyrant that is Vladimir Putin.

I may be optimistic a revolt can come with in , but maybe just maybe that a Russian revolt will run on Dunkin’.

I’ve podcasted about this HERE

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