Alex’s Five Minute Fix Compiled for Week of 3-21-22

I’ve started a new five minute feature of what has been on mind daily. Below are the first four episodes of Alex’a Five Minute Fix!

Ep 1- Homeless Crisis Survey by Supportive Housing Network of New York

Description: The New York Post ‘s Nolan Hicks broke a story on the homeless crisis , which Alex Garrett covers in 7 minutes!

Listen :

Ep 2- Update on Russia-Ukraine

Description: Alex Garrett tells you what you need to know about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve’s role in keeping gas prices at bay in America. The Pentagon keeps eye on the Russian escalation as Russia does not rule out nuclear options against Ukraine.

Listen :

Ep. 3- Mindfulness and Rikers Island

You might want to know about Oneida Mays, the first ever mindfulness coach at that often violent correctional facility known as Rikers. Why her presence and mindfulness could inspire the whole of New York city to be mindful as well !


Ep. 4 – Ash Barty Retiring and Matt Stafford Remaining a Ram

Description: Is Ash Barty retiring from tennis the beginning of a trend in the sport? Alex Garrett weighs in on Alex’s 5 Minute Fix


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