Is My Leg Doubled In Age?

While I may be 30, I’ve been wondering about my body clock and age. Every day is a leg day for me, I don’t need the gym for that. Yet, could the factor of being functional on one leg for the last 30 years mean this leg has doubled the workload for two legs? Is my leg actually 60 and not 30?

I thought of this today because , yes, I have a leg cramp . A leg cramp is something I’m not used to because on my skate, I just FLY like a breeze. But, perhaps I am in fact human, and perhaps I’ve taken my leg for granted because it feels like a breeze rolling on it daily.

For goodness sake, I’ve run on this one leg, I’ve rollerbladed a lot of miles, I’ve stood on it for many hours and hell, I’ve logged many hours dancing on both crutches and on my singular leg! I’ve also rolled around the streets of Manhattan for fun year in and year out! Did I mention I also have climbed many a subway stair while zooming around NYC? It started to become a joke in my head , ‘have leg, will travel’ and I am definitely traveling more.

My girlfriend and I traveled an hour both ways from Arlington to downtown Arlington, Texas. We rolled to watch CUNY wheelchair basketball on the campus of UT-Arlington. She and her best friend wheeled in their power-chairs and I rolled on this sturdy ol’ leg there and back to our Airbnb and that was a journey, albeit fun.

Yet today, April 4th, 2022, my leg feels a bit tired , and that freaks me out. I have never thought my leg would actually start to tire! At the age of 30, nonetheless. I started wondering today if my leg would qualify for social security while I’m just 35 years old . I won’t ever stop rolling tho, don’t you worry. But perhaps it’s time to have more calcium ! What else would you suggest? Email me at!

I’ve been pondering this theory of my leg for a while. It’s just funny the day we watch college kids’ legs once again run and up and down the floor for 40 minutes to win the National Championship I decided to open up about my own leg. Truly a theory like this could get written only on God’s time!


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