Sometimes You Can Buy Back Your Childhood, Just Ask Steve Cohen

For 60 years, the Mets have had a majority of a suffering fan base . While I personally know the Wilpons, outsiders would say they neglected the team for far too long amidst this franchise history.

Sure, under the Wilpons the Mets won the 1986 World Series. Sure, under the Wilpons the Mets went to three World Series even though only winning one. Yet, the years they hit the doldrums of the National League are the years the fans still remember the most.

They remember the collapse in 2007 and 2008 under Wilpon ownership. They remember the awful hiring of Mickey Callaway after the tenure of Terry Collins. Met fans remember how big stars would come to the Mets and just regress out of nowhere.

They also remember the culture of the Mets front office and I think that is why Steve Cohen stepped in to buy his childhood team. Unlike Cohen, the excuse was always that Madoff stole Mets money so they couldn’t afford the big sluggers or that arm of Max Scherzer before.

Yet, in the 60th anniversary of the Mets, the team is a big spender and that should be of relief to some. They are spending to be winners again, because I believe Steve Cohen wants to see his childhood team win again. Plain and simple. He’s been a long-suffering Met fan just like Joe from Queens (you get the point.) It’s amazing , er , Amazin’ that money can help reinvent your childhood when you have the resources . It’s why I keep buying shirzy’s from Fanatics!

The team also is going back to its roots with Old Timers’ Day, a directive I am sure by Steve Cohen. They are honoring that 1986 hero Keith Hernandez by retiring his number, which shows not only does Cohen own the team, he and Jay Horwitz in the alumni department are hearing the fan base and giving them what they want. He even brought back the black jerseys !!

I know that people can get tired of Cohen’s tweeting, but the tweets can be EPIC, can they not? It’s about the same as Mr. Steinbrenner going through the media to tell his team to shape up or ship out as owner of the Yankees. Admit it, Mets fans, you have been CRAVING a hands-on owner for years.

Whether or not CitiField was made just for Fred Wilpon’s childhood dream of Ebbets Field does not matter now. It’s Cohen’s home and a home he keeps restructuring day by day trying to get this team on the right track. He clearly wants the Buck to stop at CitiField this fall, and you got to give his childhood whims and his adulthood wallet all the credit in the world!

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