Let’s Have Christmas Spirit and Music For Easter By Alex Garrett

Easter Sunday at St. John the Divine (4/17/22)
Christmas Day 2019 at St. Thomas Church

Easter is a a weekend that celebrates re-birth. Christmas is a day we celebrate The Birth. In my view they are very connected, even musically.

We sing O Come Emmanuel when we await the birthday of The Prince of Peace. Well, aren’t we celebrating that hope Jesus brings by resurrecting on Easter Sunday? How about Joy to the World? The LORD HAS COME every Easter just like he came into the world in the inn with his Mother Mary wrapping him in swaddled clothing. Don’t we also prepare Him room in our hearts the morning of Easter Sunday yearly?

It might sound crazy, but perhaps that Christmas spirit and those Christmas lights don’t have to put away after the Christmas season. Perhaps, Perhaps! We can bring Christmas lights and music into the Easter months. Lent is a very holy time so Christmas lights may not make sense. I’m thinking, that one weekend between Good Friday and resurrection Sunday you could make the case to bring Christmas hymns back on the radio and light the lights as we await His resurrection. It could help us come out of the darkest day that is Good Friday.

The bridge between both holy holidays is so evident , and notice how we pray heavily that He DOES come to Earth either through celebrating His birth or resurrection.

St. John the Divine is my Easter tradition and the first mass post-pandemic was filled in that beautiful upper west side Cathedral! You felt the hope and the renewal of spirit with the sounds of Paul Winter and the visuals of those stained-glass windows as the sun shines through to the big hall. Our long-time Christmas tradition is St. Thomas Church on fifth avenue and seeing the church packed once again this past Christmas was also very special to have seen!

Lenten season is more a reflective time, as is Easter Sunday. I just believe that the Christmas spirit that gets us through the cold days of winter can make an appearance just as hope springs eternal through Easter Sunday.

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