We Must Stop Sitting on Our Hands After the Tragedy in Uvalde, Texas

Most people would automatically assume I will now advocate for gun control because the only way we sit on our hands is not acting on gun control , right? Absolutely wrong.

Sure , limiting AR-15’s to strictly active military personnel, yes ACTIVE ONLY, would help. But, so many sit on their hands in so many ways which get revealed after shootings like the one that has taken the lives of 19 kids. 19! Facebook posts go unnoticed? FBI tips are ignored? Social workers wrote off the fact that the Buffalo shooter threatened to blow up his school , too after extensive evaluation! So, before the object is blamed, let’s also lay blame at the feet of human error , nay, human NEGLIGENCE. Humans sat on their proverbial hands and did not lift a finger to ensure that 19 kids are alive today, that supermarket customers were kept safe, the list goes on.

At the same time, legislation could be utilized to strengthen background checks, but Senate Majority Leader Schumer is now holding this tragedy as a political football. He will not pick up legislation until after, get this, November elections! Politics is as UGLY as the mindset of killers that want to slaughter . From the Senate well, Schumer said , “Americans can cast their vote in November for senators or members of Congress that reflect how he or she stands with guns with this issue — this issue at the top of the voters’ lists,” (Story in NY Post)

We have a crisis of heart and political footballing that blaming an object strictly does not suffice. Less debate more action, what do you say!

My podcast also discussed the Uvalde tragedy on my newest Five Minute Fix

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