When It Comes to Health, Adapt to Time As A Construct

‘Time as a construct’ is a very dangerous narrative , I believe. Yet, during the pandemic the idea of time or even being on time was just that, a construct. Our lives were too warped in pandemic coverage at times to really stick to a 24 hour clock.

Yet, here I am in 2022 arguing that the best way to take care of health is to treat our time as if it’s nonexistent for at least an hour. Blot it out and say okay what can I do today to stay healthy AND THEN get back on track.

I’ve panicked about being on time for many years , to the point of actually neglecting my health. As I write this, it dons on me that’s a reason most likely I’ve had ER visit after ER visit, because I didn’t take the proper TIME out. This year has totally changed me because it hit me like a ton of bricks how much staying healthy or being unhealthy affects my family , friends and even romantic partner . I lost something so damn awesome because I didn’t put health first.

So, a switch turned on and I started to look at the clock as something to manage , not panic about. I have started to look at time as something to take advantage of. Not waste it through scrolling apps wondering what next subway I can catch. Taking that time in the morning and treating as if it’s an idea not a hard fact has enabled me to just make the time (ironic , right?) for my health needs.

Of course, I’m still going to be on time for work as I like to think I always am. And, of course, balancing work and health has always been a challenge. I suggest any time you have a break in your day, just continue to use that time to take care of health, blot out the real time if you need to!

Easing up on the panicking and the constant worrying about time has truly been a life-changer. It’s given me more confidence and pep in my step to know I leave the house refreshed in mind body and soul, simply knowing I won’t sit in my own soil (colostomy reference).

I would also note someone close to me once said to wake up an hour early, she literally might be onto something there !

Everybody around me has been right for the last 30 years, While I love being ‘Garrett on the go’, I’ve always been too on the go. Slowing down and just accepting and conquering the health challenges every minute of the day and not neglecting them has been a RECONSTRUCTION in this life.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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