What If For One Day I Felt Looked Up To?

It’s a post I never thought I’d write about. Because at 4’11 I am always looking UP at my friends, heroes aka my parents and those occasional celebrity icons. Also, I’ve figured talking to kids who ask questions or point would be the end of the story. I kinda put it as a joke because in my head the crutches and rollerblade must look sort of robotic, of which I am not.

Yet today what looked like a set of twins was sitting across on the subway as I did my usual commute and one of them had looked as if he had seen, I kid you not, Aaron Judge. It was looking into his young eyes I realize, HOLY SHIT, maybe part of the world is looking up to me.

In my head, I don’t feel like a role model or a ROLL model, I’m just an average New Yorker and human. So I go out and have long nights sometimes or go on dating apps til the early morning looking for The One because I’m not perfect.

I am not always the best worker out there, I fuck up, and I’ll admit that! At the end of the day, I’m literally just a Human of New York.

Yet, yet, what if this young child’s gaze helped me fix some behaviors I could definitely work on in this quest to get it right daily! What if knowing that maybe a section of society wants to see this story keep growing and keep going while I look UP at everything and everyone around me from my 4’11” perspective ? Could that really move the ball forward ? I

’ll write back as I try and find out!

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