15 Days Left in the 3rd decade of ALEXNESS

Kudos to my buddy Keenan for the term ALEXNESS! Kudos also to God for his continued forgiveness and love when there are times I fall off the beaten path he has paved !

Yes, in 15 days, I turn 31. I see that as the next chapter and working on making the next decade even better! But, c’mon , 3 decades? After 77 days in the NICU? A stop and think moment .

Now I work jointly with WABC 77 and AM 970? Who would have thought ! Yet, before we close the book on 3 decades , what should I do the next 15 days? How do we make that last of this decade count?

Well, we’ve got two teams heading to postseason baseball. We’ve got to honor the NEW AL SINGLE SEASON HOME RUN RECORD MAKER, AARON JUDGE! We’ve got to keep having one leg up on the podcasting world and produce as much as we can! I think Ive personally also got to work on being more wise about who I interact with on social media and never put myself in awkward positions.

I start the last 15 days of 30 yrs old working on nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher’s show . Then , I’ll move on to do more radio through the day! I take radio work as always focusing on what’s in front of me, whether it be at noon with Invite Health Radio or John Catsimatidis and the Cats Roundtable !

In the next 15 days I also plan on applying to another Astoria apartment, wish me luck as I continue to strive for independence heading into decade # 4!

But to all of you that read this, you’ve in your own way made these last 3 decades fly and stay fun/ educational/ learning-curve worthy and more!

One thing I feel most when I think about the span of time is how my mother, father, step-dad Vic and family and even myself have never taken one day off to keep this journey going and that feels so important to keep note of. With their love, and support , we are on the verge of decade number 4!

Let’s… Make… It…Count!

Alex on the red carpet at Paley WKND! Thanks for the warm welcome to the Paley Center!
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