The New York Post: Hamilton’s Creation That Sees 221 Years And Humbles

Ok so this one hits home, hard too. It’s just something about the name ‘Alexander ‘ that is ambitious, drives everyone f‘in crazy with their own kinda chaos every second we are alive.

221 years ago, Founding Father Alexander Hamilton started the New York Evening Post. It’s a paper that has become the New York Post. As Cindy Adams wrote in today’s edition , “Nothing’s more New York than the New York Post. Biggest metro newsroom, greatest New York sports coverage, delicious gossip. Loving New York hugely, we don’t love New York enough? We’re more New York than ever.” (

For 221 years, this publication has covered our NEW YORK CITY cover to cover indeed! It’s front pages have been classic , it’s news has been cutting edge and it’s just had that New Yawk feel, hasn’t it?

I really thought yours truly was only linked to Alexander Hamilton by name , and perhaps extreme love of country that is America. Yet, when I read that Hamilton founded the Post on this day in 1801 , it changed me. The musical says “History has its eyes on you”.

The fact this man, a Founding Father , had founded the New York Evening Post and me, just this little kid from NYC still growing has found the New York Post’s eyes on my life, is overwhelming. It honestly makes me more reserved in my behavior as I hit 31 years of life. The journey is being seen and while that can be all exciting and such, it means I have to work on myself even more .

Why did he write every second he was alive? Why do I ride the city like I’m running out of time ? To do the EXACT goals of Hamilton, preserve the Republic in any way I can. I also write this blog to help break down today’s world and do the two of us being writers is also a bit fateful! Apparently his own New York Post has seen this story from 3 yrs old onward, We are ‘Non-Stop’ for a reason.

I am convinced that this connection is not by accident , and perhaps God had made this connection for me to get things on track in my own life. Just know through this journey I love all of you as well every roll I take!

Congratulations Mr. Hamilton, your little paper has seen 221 yrs!!!

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