The Tragic and Sudden Death of Grant Wahl Hits Home

It looks like NYC will take the death of its own soccer reporter and beloved podcaster Grant Wahl into its own hands. His shocked widow, Dr. Céline R. Gounder , was there when his body landed in JFK Airport. She is reportedly having his body examined by a city examiner to see exactly how the journalist died suddenly Friday at the World Cup at Qatar. (

She’s taking it into her own hands and to the city’s credit they are examining him as investigations SHOULD BE UNDERWAY. I write this in caps frustratingly. Ok, great, Brittany Griner is home , woo! But, a widow has to take into her own hands the death of a beloved American? Where is the Biden administration asking questions about this ? I thought the President of the United States would make time for every American and every American family. So why is the city only investigating? Why isn’t our government? It’s ok to mourn the person that Grant Wahl was but also ok to ask questions .

I mainly write this to share two articles worth reposting . First, it’s the initial source in People Magazine, I found out about the fact a defibrillator was NOT USED on Mr. Wahl as CPR was continually administered but that was it. ( The full story from witness and Sunday Times Reporter Josh Glancy is truly gripping and worth a repost as well:

I also repost these stories to say I’m proud of bloggers and podcasters who don’t sell their soul like FIFA seems to have done to make this World Cup a ‘success ‘ at Qatar. Two journalists are now dead , by the way, and the mysteries continue to swirl as much as the tornadoes that nearly hit through the World Cup site.

Yet the White House seemingly only released a statement, according to Axios , ‘White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement Saturday that Wahl was “an inspiration to many.”’ ( That is not enough. They should help Dr. Gounder find answers ! I fear it could become a Jamal Khashoggi type situation where leadership doesn’t find nor bothers to ask for real answers on the death of the member of the press. Free speech though, right?

The other blogs and reports coming out of Qatar are not really asking questions which means a lot of the media has sold themselves to the doings of Qatar, awful.

Am I at risk for mentioning that country’s name too much? I don’t know . I just am not going to a medical clinic in Qatar any time soon. Not trying to be funny, by the way.

The other part of this story is now , unfortunately , Grant Wahl’s brother, Eric, whom Grant wore an LGBTQ+-supportive shirt for on November 21st, has made his Instagram private. Eric Wahl was speculating if his brother was killed just days after Grant was denied entry for supporting gay rights. (

This story is just developing. One of our own died on foreign soil. Reports say because of a bad bronchitis Wahl was dealing with, but independent – minded people should really continue to look into this and at One Blog Up with Alex Garrett, we are tracking this story right in the heart of NYC with help from people like Lou Terminello and team Cats At Night and so many more!

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