WE HAVE A SPEAKER…and a Spreaker

What is up with this headline you might ask. Well yes, after 15 grueling rounds, a flare-up on the House Floor, and an eventual vote we have a Speaker!

His name is Kevin McCarthy. He has become the 55th Speaker of the House but undoubtedly will be a #WeakerSpeaker after all concessions are said and done.

Yet, the flips, the twists , and the turns that got us here can maybe move our Republican -led House forward even after the bumps and bruises!

At the same time, I have been calling myself Spreaker Garrett as I am that podcaster on Spreaker.com. It just felt fitting as I was frustrated there was no official Speaker for numerous days. In addition, this week proves we need a People’s Speaker!

Thank God we have a new Speaker and the indelible Spreaker to speak our minds!

Here’s to the new installment of Congress once and for all! Here also is to a new name change to the Alex Garrett Podcast Network!

It’s honestly not just me that makes this work it’s the friends and family that make this keep going. It’s the guests and interviews . It is Spreaker for #hosting and #distribution. It’s the #NETWORK and #connection to all that make it possible . Introducing the Alex Garrett Podcast network!!!

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