Does the Sports Fan Feel Helpless

After grueling NFL playoff losses you might find videos of fists punching TVs out or even tears at the stadium after a hard-fought loss.

Well, my dad ‘s sentiment to me last week to just let the Giants-Eagles game HAPPEN might be the psychological answer to these reactions. What if, what IF us sports fans feel helpless! We can’t help our team win, that’s the reality!

Yes, I believe in superstitions in sports. Mine include putting my cap in the same position at the end of the day if the Yankees win. Mine include for the football season wearing the same jersey or shirt the day the Giants won their week. I also believe putting positive energy on your teams can help too. Yet, at the end of the day all we can do is let the inning play out, the clock wind down and the players we root for leave it all on the field or basketball court, or hockey rink, game in and game out .

But this idea of letting it happen, while feeling helpless for our team explains a lot. Isn’t that why avid sports fans that sit on the couch complain on talk radio about watching these athletes when they fail? It takes unique talent to hit a 90 MPH fastball, you go and try it Dave from Mamaroneck! You want to be in the coach’s head on 4th and 1? Go for it but at the end of the day the average sports caller isn’t the play caller!

It’s helplessness that sports talk radio thrives because these callers can vent to sports talk radio hosts like Michael Kay and even now former players like Tiki Barber or overnight talent when they can’t sleep at night. It’s great therapy isn’t it? Even just listening can be therapeutic in times of sports agony.

I love to talk sports because through triumph and tragedy we all bond through it and that is a key success to NYC, one of the best sports towns around! I love that sports can pull us out of tragedy at just the right time and can help us rally those like Damar Hamlin back from tragedy as well! Those moments cannot ever make me feel pessimistic about sports, impatient yes, but never helpless.

I love being able to talk to sports talent behind the mic and on the field on Alex Garrett’s Sports Spotlight because it’s cathartic!

I myself have never felt like the helpless sports fan, but I am definitely an IMPATIENT and jump-the-gun hopeful sports fan . Do you feel helpless when it comes to sports? E-mail me at

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