China Is Back At It, And the US Again Has Delayed Reaction

On Thursday night, photos started circulating of a balloon soaring over US military bases in Montana. The connection was quickly made to China and their spying technology.

If I’m the average American citizen right now, I would be pissed. Not only that there are two Chinese spy balloons floating , one in our very country, but that the original balloon had been in our airspace as of JANUARY 28th! And that the Biden admin KNEW ABOUT IT!

According to Bloomberg, they now say the Biden admin didn’t want to tell the public about this and basically a Billings newspaper forced its hands as the photos were circulating. Really it’s truly amazing Kennedy assassination files get released at all knowing that they can now keep when we are being spied on a secret. Thank god for a FREE PRESS!

It feels like deja vu with our government not telling us a lick about the national security threats China unleashes. Three years ago this very month, it was revealed COVID was starting to hit the US. The origins are clearly from a Wuhan lab in China and they colluded with the WHO to keep data a secret. Super Bowl Sunday 2020 it was told that flights were being sent back to the US with State Department personnel once word started getting around about COVID in China. (

While President Trump shut travel down as fast as he could, why did we not know about cases back in December 2019 and why did it take a month or more to close down anything and everything ? I blame bureaucratic Washington for keeping us in the dark about COVID until it started to spread through our very land. They kept us in the dark because let’s face it we are as a government afraid of China and we shouldn’t be!

The fact that the Biden admin knew about these balloons a week earlier than we did should be a trigger because this is how China and every enemy we have wins. We as a country lose when our citizens are not informed until some random object is flying above your home. It does remind me of Senators that sold stock right before COVID lockdowns and COVID news started to spread .

Senators and Presidential admins have an OBLIGATION to tell its citizens what’s going on, do they not?

Whether we shoot down these spy balloons or not, fact of the matter is , government again hid critical information. It’s also showing how petrified it is of China and the easiest solution is to man up and defend the homeland !

This is why independent podcasts and blogs need to exist, to defend the homeland and to ask the questions and say what the mainstream media will not!

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