It’s National Write Your Story Day!

So blog! What a perfect day to remind you, you have a story worth blogging on WordPress about , so do it! I want to share a big thank you to my author mother, Laurie Sue Brockway. Being ‘under foot’ while she wrote and raised me has definitely inspired me to share and write my story over the years! Check her books out on Amazon!

I’ve enjoyed my time on WordPress and I look forward to continuing sharing my thoughts and story on ‘The Writings of Alex Garrett’!

That being said here are suggested ways to celebrate National Write Your Story Day (


  • Commit to writing your story.
  • Grab pen and paper or your favorite electronic device and begin typing away.
  • Share your story with others.
  • Encourage others to share write their story.
  • We all have a story to tell. Use #WriteYourStoryDay to share on social media.

Thanks to Mitzy for honoring authors and bloggers with #NationalWriteYourStoryDay!

Who is your favorite writer? Email me at

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