My 2023 MLB PREDICTION: Fans Will Love the Pitch Clock

Sure it’s been a point of controversy all spring , but watching in real time pitchers have to be mathematicians, base stealer-tamers and pitchers all in one has been FASCINATING. Seeing Anthony Volpe continue to steal bases in The Show regular season has been a plus of the pitch clock. Heck even the record books including pitch clock violations fascinate me. Today, we saw the ejection over a violation complaint from Manny Machado.

All that to say , we will come to love the pitch clock. I do have early observations after watching the Yanks in person on Monday about the pitch clock. It’s really been overhyped how there is supposedly little time betwen pitches . Once the pitcher gets the ball after a foul ball, change of batter , home run or ball hit in play , the clock starts once set on the rubber. After a ball or a strike, the clock starts once the ball hits the pitcher’s glove.

A regroup process can happen between pitches so it is definitely a win win for the psyche of the pitcher , the hitter and the fan.

I like the method, and I think you will too!

Pitch clock behind the plate at Yankee Stadium
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