My Easter and Passover Message for 2023

By Alex Garrett (originally posted on Facebook and Instagram at @ AlexGNYC1)

Holding a piece of Matzoh has turned into something more than that for me, as I correlated on Instagram and Facebook, it’s the unleavened bread that links Judaism and Christianity . It’s the bread that Jesus Christ tells his disciples (even Judas) that this is HIS body, given for us. What I thought was just a cool tradition since childhood, has brought new meaning and I preached about the connection on the podcast. It was not only the Last Supper, it was really the Eternal Supper because that moment has stuck with us into 2023 and I believe will be observed for Eternity.

This is the unleavened bread #Jesus broke and said take and eat, this is my body given for you. The crossover of #Judaism and #Christianity is very real this #HolyWeek.

May I remind you that Christ celebrated #passover and that is my message this Easter and Passover!

Have a blessed Easter Sunday !

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