Leaving the Roughest Month of Life Behind

Usually losing a parent you run to the blog site you run and just memorialize and memorialize. For me , I am waiting until I transcribe the eulogy for my father before fully writing out my thoughts on my dad’s passing just two weeks ago. I still can’t fully believe John Garrett , my father, has left the physical Earth, it has been a lot to process daily. Yet I know he is here in spirit.

Watching my mom reconnect with him while his ashes are staying with us has been cathartic. At times I feel I am just rambling on about memories in dribs and drabs. That is normal right? That is a form of grief I am guessing?

My goal for his eulogy will be to make sure he is recognized as his own individual not just as Alex’s dad.

He was a trip and I miss him already!

More on the loss of my dad in the coming days following his memorial. May God Bless you and your family through whatever hardships you may be going through!

John Garrett, my father , and his unmistakable white hair.

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