My Dad’s Observant Ear And Eye

People who read this blog may know I was in the paper with George M. Steinbrenner, the late principal owner of the New York YanKees and former Mayor Rudy Guiliani. There IS a backstory to how that moment in the New York Post was captured, and yes, it involves my father’s knack for being observant.

One thing about my father is he would read the papers cover to cover, front page to back page. Ever since i was a baby he always did the crosswords as well, enhancing his drive to be observant . He’d also religiously listen to radio and he passed that passion of listening to along to me through the years , I guess that is why I am in radio, eh?

In addition to meeting George Steinbrenner in August of 2000 outside of Yankee Stadium, my dad happened to hear on 1010 Wins that Mr. S would be the Grand Marshal of the Steuben Day Parade in September of 2000. He whisked me out of my apartment on East 44th and boom the Garretts were on the parade route marching with Rudy and Mr. Steinbrenner up 6th Avenue .

As the press scrum gathered in, my dad and I skated off but not before George Steinbrenner said , “Call me for playoff tickets, I mean it!” Sure enough, Mr. Steinbrenner had tix for the playoffs awaiting us during the Mariners, Athletics and World Series against the Mets! So much so, Mr. S even had us on the World Series float in 2000.

The rest is history as Opening Day 2001, we again went to thank him and he brought us to the locker room to see the guys and specifically Roger Clemens after his Opening Day win and strikeout accomplishment , surpassing Walter Johnson.

The list of my connection with the Steinbrenner family goes on and on but the example of my dad being observant enough to catch the radio announcement of the Steuben Day parade has encouraged me. To read the papers cover to cover, listen to the radio world intently and never stop seeking stories and things to do. A

All because of how I observed my dad being observant!

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