Grow Up, We Are Under Attack!

It’s not two planes crashing and destroying our Twin Towers and 3,000 American lives. It’s not violence and terror in the form of a school shooting . It is something that has been expected for a while and we must call it what it is. A biological warfare attack.

An attack on this beautiful country known as America ! Unfortunately, we have all become used to this term ‘coronavirus’ for way too long. To the point where sickness is overshadowing the bigger point we are under attack. Yes, it’s accurate to call it COVID, but no one has yet to call it biological warfare !

For those laughing at our President getting sick, grow up! This is a serious matter, the President of the United States is sickened by an unleashed virus from a Chinese lab and therefore is under attack! It’s stunning and appalling people are cackling like Hilary.

How come it is we can’t be funny about anybody on the Liberal side over stupid things Biden has said, but y’all are allowed to laugh at the Leader of the Free World under attack? Don’t tell me it’s a free world , because you aren’t making it free for those with opposing views!

When did it hit me President Trump was under attack? I’ll be upfront and say he did not look as well fighting through this virus, I believe he will pull through! However, it was COVID , unleashed from a Wuhan lab, that put him there. It all leads to the fact that the Chinese government purposefully covered up so as to secretly hope it got to POTUS, and perhaps we could call this an assassination attempt by a foreign enemy! I’ve not seen President Xi apologize to America or to President Trump for Trump getting it, have you?

There’s more to this, however , POLITICO is reporting all our enemies are basically licking chops as our President works to recover at Walter Reed. They are salivating at the idea we are down for the count right now . According to Politico, they were told “There is always the possibility that adversaries will seek to exploit the information space and talk propaganda,” said one defense official. “We are definitely monitoring and keeping aware.”(

I believe it’s more than just the election process our enemies would hope to exploit (again). They want physical harm done to us as evidenced by this virus, and they want even more. During this pandemic we have had to monitor Iranian ships (; we have had to head off Russia warships ( ; and of course had to deal with China concealing information on the most deadliest disease known to date .

We have enemies and if you want to laugh and not confront the enemies, I suggest quitting whatever position in America you hold today . I’m not happy or laughing or partying in the streets that our POTUS has been stricken , and oddly enough we’ve been here before as a country during a pandemic . Yet , there was no laughing .

Sarah Fling and Tevi Troy have documented when President Woodrow Wilson got ‘violently sick’ during the 1918 pandemic . He actually got sick in 1919 and according to research , they found a Washington Post article noting, “The country will be anxious regarding President Wilson until he is again at work … It is a time when an hour lost means the loss of millions of hours to these individuals who are awaiting to begin reconstruction … the allied world hopes for the sake of its material interests that his illness will be light and brief.” (

It appears Woodrow Wilson also in some way or another downplayed a deadly pandemic. However , Troy notes in his book ( ), “The federal response to the influenza outbreak in 1918 can best be described as neglectful. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died without President Wilson saying anything or mobilizing nonmilitary components of the U.S. government to help the civilian population,” Troy writes in “Shall We Wake the President: Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office.”

POTUS Trump foolishly makes fun of the masks and the fact Biden wears one for safety , but let’s not forget the resources he sent to NYC alone to fight this virus! He had and has mobilization efforts to fight this contagion constantly !

Today we have people admittedly laughing, not showing any anxiety that our President has fallen ill, oh how the times are changed ! We all need to confront these realities together. Even if Trump has been boisterous , I am glad people like Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo and Joe Biden and other media and Dem leaders have wished this President well, the every day Liberals that seem to find it funny must take their lead and wishing him well!

We must stop this attack !

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