The Quest For 25K Podcast Plays and 200 Blog Follows

I’m going to be up front with you. I’m on a mission! To know that we are just under 600 downloads away from 25,000 is so exciting. On my social media I really have been pushing people to help get ‘Alex Garrett Podcasting’ over the 25,000 play threshold! I feel 25k makes this podcast even more marketable and perhaps sponsorship-worthy. I never wanted to charge for people to hear my words, but at the same time, I’m beginning to feel the value of this podcast rise due to the great guests that trust this podcast to get their message out!

For many years of this 7 year journey I pigeon-holed this podcast to sports and politics and honestly not much else. When I began to include human interest, something clicked in my brain to start ‘Adapting With Alex Garrett’. Adaptation has been a theme through this pandemic and to hear about how people have adapted their lives to make it work has truly been an inspiration. It’s in that vein, I look to continue podcasting and blogging. Yet, I can always use that boost of an extra play here or there that could get us to 25k!

As far as this blog is going, the outreach and continued support has been bad-ass. Thank you so much for the likes and the follows on these blog entries! I don’t know how people are gravitating but I am grateful they are! I’ve honestly started debating about content subscriptions, but I believe rev/share can be had through advertising and not asking anyone personally for money . That I always will maintain free for readers and for podcast liseners alike!

So together, let’s make this marketable, let’s make this network even more valuable. It is a numbers game and not just cool stories that will truly add value and I’m not ashamed to say, I’d love your help in moving us even more in this journey by subscribing to this blog OR my podcast! (

Let’s grow together!

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