I’m No Spin Doctor but…

…I do love music! Music has always been in my soul since I danced to Salt n Pepa at age 2!

The funny thing growing up was that I truly did have an older taste in music. While peers vibed to the Backstreet Boys, I was snapping my fingers to Sinatra! An old soul activity , no?

I even cried in HS when kids did the Rockaway and leaned back because I felt so not contemporary. Being old fashioned , Rat-Pack like is fun don’t get me wrong. Yet , how does one stay cool and old – fashioned with their music? I’ll defer that to my good friend Joe Sibilia, he stays pretty cool!

Because being up to date with music and style and even music trends has always felt lacking for me, I decided to make a playlist of what yours truly ACTUALLY listens to on Spotify! It’s 3 hours+ of eclectic music choices from nearly every decade (I’ll beef up with more I promise).

For now , take a listen to the AKG Song Selections playlist on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5vNxHl2M6b7oNMGeIVziTW?si=iQU71mSNRgqf3ywYeafuiQ&dl_branch=1

I playlist, I podcast (Alex Garrett Podcasting on Spotify), I am Alex Garrett!

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