Hey Guys, Um, It’s Time to Come to the Damn Table!

And I don’t mean screaming at the dinner table that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is sitting at for dinner either! 

When you see how crazy these protesters are getting and the threats on Trump supporters and government staffers are getting, even by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, you start to wonder if you should still support President Trump publicly! 

I WANT to support what my President is doing publicly and will just naturally and almost instinctively do so, but who wants to deal with the headache of protesters trying to interrupt dinner, movies, and maybe even the next trip to the bathroom?

It’s gotten so bad, DHS is reporting staffers are getting threats against them, grisly threats! (https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/increasing-threats-dhs-include-burned-animal-carcass-left/story?id=56131357)

So here is my proposal to those reallllly angry with Trump supporters and staffers enough to disrupt these people’s lives …come to the damn table with your peers that hold opposite views! Talk it out, what is so bad about that?

You see it’s much easier to organize a hard core demonstration outside Kirstjen Nielsen’s house on a phone and it’s much easier to be a “keyboard warrior” than to say , “hey let’s grab a drink” to talk out our differences . And to extremists on the Right, when RedHen acts on their beliefs, legally, don’t freaking threaten these restaurants! Don’t threaten these protesters back, be an example of coming to the table! Have all of us just become afraid or too busy for face to face conflict resolution?

Remember that famous beer summit with Professor Gates, President Obama and VP Biden?  Heck, If Trump could bring Kim Jong Un to the table , us regulars could easily patch things in person, right? 

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