I Have Questions for Rep. Omar

Ground Zero was not something I just decided to go see the aftermath of. It’s not something that any of us should have suffered through . It isn’t a something , Rep. Ilhan Omar , it’s a terror attack that happened on American soil! I’d say our soil, but the way you have been talking, I don’t know how true to this country you really are, no matter what you say.

Let me ask you this, were you working at a school for kids with special needs on Long Island the day 9/11 happened? Were you there supporting kids who had to stay over night due to transportation being halted after the attacks? Did you know there were kids impacted that have trakes, oxygen tanks, power wheelchairs , manual wheelchairs and have limited mobility at times? No? Then please do not call the 9/11 attacks ‘something’.

Rep. Omar, were you there running for your life along the streets of NYC after tower one and then tower two fell? Were you there braving the debris, the dust, inhaling every particle possible as you were a first responder helping people try and escape the HELL and the terror that was just unleashed on New York and America? No? Then please do not call the 9/11 attacks ‘something’!

Rep. Omar, were you wearing a construction site-type mask to protect your face while watching the debris of two towers that brilliantly and valiantly stood as the commerce capital of the world? Did you grab the bullhorn and rally America and the Big Apple saying that we WILL get through this together? No? Then don’t call this city and America’s pain, ‘something’!

Rep. Omar, were you trapped in New York City feeling helpless on September 11, 2001? No? Then please recognize this isn’t just ‘something’!

You laughed as you said you took a terrorism class, and it boiled my blood. More than you will know. I understand that not all Muslims are bad people, the WORLD knows this. But to make it sound like the terrorists that did 9/11 were just ‘some people who did something’ it cuts me and many others, probably even those who elected you, to the core. As does using the words of President Bush to double down.

Having lived through it, having visited the aftermath and having been working in a revitalized downtown Manhattan the last 5.5 years, Rep. Omar, I am proud to roll by the Freedom Tower because that is a statement on the American resilience.

And for people on the right, we have to recognize that everyday American Liberals are not talking like this, and they have to be recognized as decent, and not part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome because they aren’t the issue here. It’s the ultra- progressive elected leaders and those that support every word they say that is the ‘something’ we all should be worried about!

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