Adapting to a New Mantra for 2022: Adventurous And Mindful

Stubbornness is almost an inherited trait we all have. My stubbornness has honestly cost me financially and in 2022 I’m ready to change that tide. It’s 1,000% ok to be adventurous, especially coming out of a pandemic. Yet, what if we don’t have to be stubborn to be adventurous? What if I can say both don’t have to go hand-in-hand?

What if we don’t absolutely have to buy everything that comes to mind in 2022 but just enjoy who we have around us and what we have around us? WE ARE COMING OUT A PANDEMIC AND PRESENCE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PRESENTS (especially to ourselves) . So, I’m stopping transferring inordinate amounts of money just to cover the latest payment for that jersey I may never wear again, That is my first step to mindfulness in 2022, what is yours?

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