Three Weeks I Will Make Count in 2023 and Beyond

I had a Thanksgiving revelation this year. I have three favorite weeks I’ve decided to make count, and am writing this as encouragement to enjoy them as much as I do!

I think a special week in anyone’s life, no matter how old, should be their birthday week! Come on! You’ve made it another year, love and live it up that entire week, I know I try to! This year alone, going and working a radio broadcast LIVE remote at Times Square on October 18th with The Arthur aidala Power Hour was a perfect way to end my 30th year of life, going into my 31st year on October 20th,2022! In 2023 and beyond, I will honor my birthday week even more!

The next week I consider the next best week is…Thanksgiving week! It’s the most calm week of the year because the energy of Thanksgiving is calmness, family and love! There is also a energy of unity to Thanksgiving where everyone puts politics aside and just enjoy their lives. Why the whole week? There is an excitement to the lead up to Thanksgiving, including Thanksgiving Eve! In 2023 and beyond, I’ll be sure to be more thankful to have the chance to live it up Thanksgiving week!

The other week, when I think of it, worth really enjoying is that week between Christmas and New Year’s! It’s a week of college football bowls as we ramp down the old year and have high aspirations into the new year. As we ramp down the current year, there also is a relaxed feeling about that week. The week between Christmas and New Year’s offers a chance to enjoy the Christmas gifts with the kids, a chance to see the Christmas tree set ups across the city with family and some may even take that week off! Also, watching tourists ooh and ahh about Christmas time in New York City has an air of excitement to it.

In 2023, I implore you to truly enjoy the three weeks mentioned above and perhaps the gratitude muscle will be expanded if we slow down and enjoy our birthday week, Thanksgiving week and the week between Christmas and New Year’s !

Email me at for your favorite weeks of the year that may be are not these specific ones!

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